• Is the reception open 24 Hours?
    Yes, if you have a reservation, you can arrive anytime (even at nights) and always find our reception staff available at your service.

  • Is there a curfew? Can i gain access to the Hostel at nights?
    No curfew, we are open 24 hours, you can enter and exit anytime.

  • I am a solo traveler, will i feel comfortable there?
    Actually we are the most recommended place for solo travelers, as we do have space for a large number of guests and a big common area, which means that you will for sure meet lots of other travelers.

  • At what time is check-in?
    Check-in time starts at 15 (3PM)

  • Can i arrive before check-in time and drop my bags off at the Hostel?
    Yes, you can arrive from 7AM and leave your bags with us free of charge

  • Do I need an ID?
    Yes, valid identification is a requirement on check in. We accept Passports, European National Photo ID and / or European Driver’s License. We work hard to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all of our guests and reserve the right to refuse accommodation at our discretion.

  • Are credit / debit cards accepted? Do i need any cash?
    We accept credit/debit cards, it will be possible to pay for your reservation amount using your card. We only need you to pay in CASH the amount for the city tax (1€ per person per day) and a 5€ Key Deposit, which will be returned to you on your check-out.

  • Is WIFI available?
    Yes, wifi is available free of charge

  • Is there a computer for guests to use?
    Yes, we do have one computer available for our guests.

  • Are Bed Linens included?
    Yes, you will be given your bed linen free of charge upon check-in

  • Are Towels included?
    Towels are not included but you can rent them at reception for €3 per towel (the towel can be kept for the entire duration of your stay)

  • Is Breakfast included? And when does it start in the morning?
    No it's not included, but our cafè is open 24 hours and you can order our bar breakfast dishes anytime (day and night), and our cooked breakfast only during kitchen hours. You can choose our cooked breakfast dishes from our Menu (like scrambled eggs, english breakfast, vegetarian or vegan breakfast dishes, pancakes, waffles... or just enjoy bar breakfast items such as fresh baked croissants, yogurts and much more, anytime! Same as our 24h available italian coffee, cappuccinos, fresh fruit smoothies...

  • At what time is check-out?
    Our check-out time is at 12noon

  • Can i leave my bags after checking out?
    Yes, you can leave your bags at the Hostel after checking-out and stay in our common area until midnight free of charge.

  • How far is the Hostel from the airport?
    The airport is less than 15 minutes walk from the Hostel.

  • Is it safe to reach the airport by walk from the Hostel? Even at night?
    Yes, it is a quiet residential area, not a big road, and you can easily and safely walk.

  • Is there a Bus from the Hostel to the Airport?
    There is a Train from Pisa Centrale Train station to Pisa Airport, it is called PISA MOVER, it costs 5€ and leaves the Train Station every 15 minutes, starting at 6AM and every 9 minutes during rush hours.

  • Can i print my boarding pass at the Hostel?
    Yes, you can print your boarding pass free of charge.

  • Are Lockers and Padlocks provided in dormitories?
    Lockers are provided, but please bring your own padlock (size 30mm or buy one at the reception for 2€

  • Is the Air-Conditioning in the rooms?
    Yes, all rooms are air-conditioned.

  • Do the rooms have private or shared bathrooms?
    All rooms (private rooms band dormitory rooms) have their own private bathroom.

  • Do the rooms have hair driers?
    Hair driers are available, a 10€ security deposit is required

  • Are plug adapters available?
    Some international plug adapters are available for a 10€ security deposit at the reception

  • How are the bicycle parking facilities?
    You can park your bicycles in our backyard, it's secure and free of charge.

  • How are the car parking facilities?
    We do offer a private secure parking for 25€ a night for cars and 10€ for motorcycles (until 12noon - checkout time) - We do not reserve parking spots as we only have limited spaces.
    A public on-street parking in front of the Hostel is available for 1,6€/hour (from 8AM until 8PM - free of charge during the night time)


  • How far is the center?
    We are located in the city center, just 4 minutes walk from the main Pisa Centrale Train station and 20 minutes walk to the Leaning Tower. It will be mainly a pedestrian area, on the way you will see most other attractions Pisa has to offer.

  • Is the Beach far?
    the closest beach is Marina di Pisa (2€ ticket and 25min by Bus) or Viareggio (3,5€ ticket and 15 minute Train ride)

  • Is there an age restriction?
    Minimum age if traveling alone is 18. No maximum age limit, as long as you are comfortable with sharing spaces and meeting people

  • Does your hostel accept pets?
    Sorry, you can't bring pets into our hostel.

  • Can I get something delivered to your hostel?
    Yes you can, but we recommend you to let the hostel reception team know if you're expecting a delivery. We don't accept responsibility for lost or damaged packages.

  • Can I bring in guests who aren't staying in the hostel?
    Friends and family are welcome only in the social areas, with the permission of the reception and only after registering at the reception. Only until a certain time of the day. Please contact reception for more info.

  • Can we wash our clothes at the Hostel?
    We do have a laundry service, it costs 5€ for washing and 5€ for the drier. Soap & softener included. 30 minutes for washing and 30 minutes for drying 


  • Do you have a guest Kitchen?
    Yes, but with limited resources, a room to warm up dishes, equipped only with a stove, sink, microwave and a kettle. No Fridge available (cutlery or kitchen utensils / equipment are not provided, if you want to use the heating up room, please bring your own)

  • What about food and drinks available at the Hostel?
    Our Bar/Cafè is open 24 hours a day and we do serve hot/cold drinks, and snacks at anytime. Pasta dishes are available also 24 hours a day. Besides that, our restaurant offers a variety of home made dishes like pizza, pasta, salads, burgers and lots more until 10:30PM

  • Do you offer Vegetarian / Vegan dishes?
    You can find vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also our buffets offers lots of vegetarian dishes.

  • Do you offer Gluten-Free dishes?
    Yes, we do offer gluten free dishes, snacks and gluten free beer.

  • Am i allowed to consume my own food inside the Hostel?
    Yes of course

  • Am i allowed to consume my own alcohol inside the Hostel?
    Guests are NOT allowed to bring/consume their own Alcohol bought outside of the Hostel


  • Can I still book if I don’t have a credit card?
    No. You'll need to have a credit or debit card to guarantee your booking. Last minute same day whats-app bookings without a credit card are accepted under certain circumstances.

  • Can i pay for my room using cash?
    Yes, you can pay cash at check in. Just bear in mind you'll need a debit or credit card to guarantee your booking.

  • Is there any discount if owning the "Hostelling International Card"?
    Unfortunately not, as we are not part of this Hostel Group.

  • How is your cancellation policy?
    If the booking has been made directly with us on , you can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival date, just send a cancellation email to mentioning the reservation number, your full name, and the days of your reservation. Full cancellation conditions here.
    Please keep in mind that cancellation conditions can vary depending on the website you have booked with. Please consult the cancellation conditions written in your booking confirmation email for exact details.


  • How do i modify an existing reservation?
    If the reservation has been made directly with us on , we can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival date, and you can make a new correct booking. Just send a cancellation email to mentioning the reservation number, your full name, and the days of your reservation.
    If the reservation has been made on a different website, please follow the instructions on your booking confirmation email.


  • Can I be sure all my friends will be put into the same dorm?
    We'll always try to put you and your friends in the same room. Make sure you get in touch with the hostel before you arrive to make sure they know.